• Collection is a directory/folder that contains all Credentials.
  • Collection can have number of Credentials.
  • Collection can have child Collections.
  • Child Collections in turn have Credential(s).
  • For Example, Consider you have to store all Credentials related to your project named "NASA". You can create a Collection named "NASA" for storing all the related Credentials.


  • Credential represents set of information required to log to a particular server/service/web application.
  • Credentials involve fields as 

        Name of Credential, Server/URL, Username, New Password, Confirm Password, Service, Other Info, Post Data Format.

  • Service defines various options that can be used to directly login to the desired application.
  • For Example, Consider we need to create a Credential for Collection "NASA". We'll have to enter all fields as Name of Credential-NASA US.


  • Recursive sharing has been provided throughout the hierarchy explicitly.
  • Sharing when applied on a Collection record, it is automatically applied to all sub-ordinates (Collections & Credentials) in the hierarchy.
  • When access level is changed or sharing is deleted on a Collection record, this change is propagated throughout the hierarchy explicitly.
  • Sharing for any Credential record can be changed irrespective of Collection record.
  • A Credential can also be shared individually with a user without sharing Collection. In this case, Credential shared will be available to user in search result.

Move to Root

  • This is a functionality provided to move a child Collection to root Collection.
  • Root Collection owner is always owner of sub-ordinates in the hierarchy below.

Add Sharing Recursively
  • This is one of the kind of sharing facility provided in the application.
  • This has been provided for ease of user to apply similar sharing as that of root Collection to all the subordinates in the hierarchy.
  • Sharing will be applied depending upon the access level of subordinates.

Clear All Sharing
  • This feature has been introduced to delete all sharing records of the Collection & its subordinates.
  • Sharing on all records in the hierarchy is deleted depending on access level.
  • Only Owner of Collection can use this feature.