In further sections, you will find all necessary information to use start using the product from beginning.


1. Unlocking of Application-
  • For security reasons, application locking facility has been introduced.
  • In order to lock your application screen, a specific time interval in minutes & private PIN can be specified. Once this time is crossed, application will be locked. 
  • Security Question should be selected & an answer should be provided. Security Answer should be remembered. In case you forget your PIN, Security Answer will be the key to retrieve PIN.
  • To unlock application window, PIN for your own account needs to be entered. This will protect your own data though you are away from your desktop.
  • Whenever application window will be refreshed, PIN needs to be entered to unlock application.

1. When you login for the first time to application, a User PIN window will be opened to set your PIN & screen lock
time. Screen lock time is provided by default as 3 Mins.It can be anytime.  


  2. Enter a PIN. Confirm PIN. Specify Lock Timeout. Select a Security Question.


3. When screen lock timeout is crossed or application is refreshed, application is locked. A dialogue box is opened to
enter PIN.


4. Enter correct PIN. Click on Unlock button.


 5. Entering incorrect PIN & clicking on Unlock button a message will be displayed as "Please insert correct PIN".

 6. For entering incorrect PIN thrice, you will be logged out of application.

2. Change PIN
  • PIN we set for security can be changed at any time. 
  • When Enter PIN window is opened. Change PIN option has been provided to facilitate user to change PIN.

 1. On Enter your PIN window a button has been provided to change PIN. Click on Change PIN button. This will open
another window.



2. Enter your Old PIN, New PIN, Confirm New PIN, Select a Security Question, enter an answer. 


3. For entering an incorrect Old PIN, a message will be displayed as "Invalid Old PIN".


4. When you enter Old PIN & New PIN same, a message is displayed as below. Clicking on Yes button you can continue using the same PIN. Clicking on No button, you need to set a new PIN.

3. Change Screen Lock Timeout
  • Screen lock time out can also be changed at anytime when required.
  • A button named "Change Lock Timeout" has been provided on Enter PIN window.
  • For changing lock timeout, correct PIN of your account needs to be entered. 
  • Lock Timeout is considered in Minutes.
1.  Refreshing application window Enter PIN dialogue box is opened. Click on Change Lock Timeout button.


 2. Clicking on Change Lock Timeout button, a new dialogue box is opened.


 3. Enter correct PIN. Enter desired screen lock timeout value in minutes. Click on Save button. Screen Lock Timeout
will be updated.


 4. Entering an incorrect PIN & specifying a timeout value, click on Save button. A message is displayed as "Invalid