3.3 Sharing A Collection

Sharing is provided to share your Credentials with your team members or clients. There are numerous ways to share Credentials implicitly. These are designed by taking into consideration various conditions that may help user to share easily. Using Collection sharing Read or Write access can be provided to other users.
Collection Sharing when applied following sharing is applied implicitly-

  1. Sharing is applied recursively to all subordinates (Collections/Credentials)
  2. Adding a new record of Collection or Credential, sharing is applied to it same as its parent Collection
  3. Changing access level on a parent Collection, access level on its corresponding subordinates is also changed accordingly
  4. Deleting sharing record on a parent Collection, all sharing record on its corresponding subordinates is also deleted

In the following section, implicit sharing applied has been explained.

For Sharing a Collection, right click a Collection to be shared & select "Sharing" option.


1. Sharing is applied recursively to all subordinates

1. Login as User 1 to salesforce. Create a Collection. Hover mouse over Collection record created. Owner of Collection is displayed as shown below.


2. Create a child Collection record. Create a Credential for the same.


3. Create another child Collection for Collection "e-Commerce".   


4. Right click on root Collection "User Account" & select Sharing option. Manage Sharing window is opened.


Click into Add User Sharing box. Start entering name of a user. All matching records are displayed. Click on a record to add sharing. 



5. Check sharing applied to all subordinates. Sharing applied to root Collection is applied to all its subordinates in the
hierarchy below it.

Sharing on child Collection "e-Commerce".


Sharing on child Collection "Sandbox".

Sharing on Credential of Collection "e-Commerce".

In this way, sharing is applied to all subordinates successfully.
Now let us create Collection & Credentials as two different users.
1. Login to salesforce as User 1. Repeat above steps 1) to 4). Add write access for the sharing record. Login to
Salesforce as that particular user say User 2.




Sharing applied to root Collection "Project 1".


2. Login as User 2 to salesforce. Create a Collection for root Collection.




Hover mouse over newly created Collection. Owner of Collection is displayed as owner of root Collection.


3. Create a Credential for this child Collection. Right click on Users & select Create Credential option. Enter details &
click on Save button.


4. Click on Share button of Credential. Manage Sharing window is opened. Check the name of the owner displayed. It
is the root Collection owner.



Note: Owner of root Collection is owner of all its subordinate records irrespective of its Created By: user.
2. Add a record of Collection or Credential newly in a hierarchy. 
1. Add a Collection or Credential record newly in the hierarchy. Refer to the above records of Collection & Credential.

Login as User 2 & create a Collection. Let us create a child Collection record for "Sandbox". 




2. Right click on Collection created & select option Sharing. Manage Sharing window is displayed as below, as no
other sharing records are present. Log out User 2 & Log in as User 1.

Sharing on "Sandbox" Collection when


3. Right click on Customer Collection & select Sharing option. As no other sharing record was present on root
Collection, now it is displaying write access to created by user of Credential. 

4. Let us add sharing on root Collection. Login as User1.

5. Login as User 2. Create a Credential newly into Collection 1. Right click on Collection 1 & select option Create Credential.

6. Click on Share button of Credential. On the Manage Sharing window you will find sharing records added same as parent Collection.


  • If a user having write access of a Collection & user creates a Credential newly then that user is added into sharing records of that Credential with write access.
  • This sharing record is displayed to Collection owner & other sharing records for the same Credential.
  • For adding any record newly, sharing as per parent Collection is applied to it.
3. Changing the access level on a Collection record, the same change is reflected in the below hierarchy.

1. Login as User 1. On the Collection named Child 1, change the access level for shared record Customer Service North America to Read.

2. Check the sharing on child Collections & their Credentials. They will have same sharing as per their parent Collection Child 1.
Sharing for child Collection Child 2

Sharing for child Collection Customer

While sharing on other records will not change.

  • If sharing on any of the Collection record is changed then, sharing on its subordinates is also changed.
  • Change in access level also results in change in access level of all subordinates in the hierarchy.
4. Deleting any sharing record on a Collection, sharing records on its subordinates in the hierarchy below are also deleted.
1. Check sharing on Collection Child 1. Delete sharing record for Customer Service North America.

2. Check sharing of its subordinates. They will have same sharing record deleted.
Sharing of Child 2 Collection

Sharing of Customer Collection

  • In this way. if we delete a sharing record on a Collection then, sharing record for its subordinates is also deleted.