In this section, you will find various options explained in details for managing your Credentials.


3.5.1 Edit Credential

  • A Credential can be edited using this option.
  • Click on the "Edit" button for a Credential. All Credential fields will be editable.
  • Password stored will not be displayed to editor here. If you do not change password & save Credential, password will not be changed.
  • Edit required fields. Click on "Save" button. Credential details will now be updated.
  • Changed password can be viewed using "Show Password" functionality.This is explained in further section 3.6.3.
  • Apart from Administrator, a user having Write access of the Credential can only edit it.



3.5.2 Delete Credential
  • A Credential can be deleted using this option.
  • Click on "Delete" button for a Credential. A message will be displayed as shown below.
  • Click on "Yes" button to delete. Credential will now be deleted.
  • Apart from Administrator, Owner of Credential only can use this option.



3.5.3 Show Password

  • Password is displayed for the user using this option.
  • This functionality can be used by Administrator as well as any other user for shared Credentials.
  • Click on "Show Password" button. Password will now be displayed.



3.5.4 Copy Password
  • A button has been provided to copy password of a Credential.
  • Along with Administrator, any user can use this functionality to copy password.
  • Password will now be ready to paste to login to an application.
  • Once you click on "Copy Password" button. A message id displayed as shown "Password Copied Successfully".


3.5.5 Drag & Drop Credentials

  • Credentials can also be moved from one Collection to other.
  • To move a Credential from one Collection to other, it is necessary to have that Credential shared, Read/Write access of the destination Collection.
  • Drag the Credential & drop it into a desired Collection record.




3.5.6 Generate Password
  • This feature can be used to automatically generate strong passwords. 
  • Password can be generated while creating a Credential or editing it.
  • When we generate password while editing a Credential, we can retrieve old (Last) password as well.
  • Options are provided to generate password as per requirements. We can provide number of maximum or minimum password length, Numbers, number of uppercase letters, number of symbols.






3.5.7 Search Credentials
  • This option can be used to search a Credential.
  • Enter a keyword for search in search box. Click on "Search Credential" button.
  • Matching records will now be displayed.