What if I am uploading large file and during upload I have to pause or network fails?

    • For uploading large files Attachments.expert uses chunk concept which is as follows:

      1. While uploading large file onto a server, it is divided into chunks and then sent to the server. If there is a network failure or user pauses the upload, partially uploaded file stays on the storage server, and when user resumes the upload, upload begins from the last successful chunk upload. Such Attachment status is “In Progress”.

      2. One can resume the uploading by selecting the attachment through the ‘Select’ button provided for the file in progress or choosing or dragging/dropping that same file being uploaded which had paused.

      3. The partially uploaded attachment is not visible on the server side, but it occupies some space on the server. To delete this partially uploaded file, user can use ‘Upload Cleaner’ option provided in Attachments.expert